Web3 SPVs

The on-ramp to community-first venture capital.

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Breathing new life into a classic venture primitive.

Instant Settlement

No more wires. Close deals instantly with any token (USDC, ETH, etc.).

Full Legal Compliance

We partner with the best to enable seamless back-office compliance (optional).

Free to start

When you bring your own back office/accounting, our software is fully free.

Frictionless Web2 → Web3

Create a wallet with an email address and enjoy our integrated fiat-to-crypto experience

Design any Incentive

Leads can charge carry & one-time fees on a per-person basis

Transparent Accounting

On-chain accounting via tokens create robust tracking and easy distribution events.

Built for all investing communities

Angel Collectives

Run your deals 2x faster. Use our back-office partner for fully transparent pricing & full self-service. Top off your deals with access to the open Seed Labs investor network.

Venture Firms

Run SPVs parallel to deals in just a few clicks to help your community (LPs, staff, scouts, co-investors) share skin in the game.

Venture DAOs

SPVs tackle the free-rider problem: incentivize non-monetary providers to bring deals via carry tokens. SPVs allow you to stop treasury-building and start deploying faster than any other vehicle.

Close faster than ever before.

Incentivize yourself and your community in any way via variable carry + management fees.

Find new communities on the fly

How it works


More than just an SPV

Running an SPV on Seed Labs Protocol gives you access to a budding ecosystem of communities and infrastructure, purpose-built to power communities across the full venture pipeline (raising, sourcing, due diligence, closing, and post-investment value adds).

  • Tokenized bounty systems: An engage-to-earn bounty system to deeply incentivize your community via carry tokens, voting rights, or direct payouts. Built to seamlessly integrate with the full deal lifecycle.

  • Built-in voting and discussion. Easy shareholder voting and forum-first discussion, built right into the investing experience.

  • An open network of investors. Unlike traditional web2 companies that profit off of network-siloes, the Seed Labs protocol promotes network collaboration with its fully open protocol.

Welcome to the future of venture capital.

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